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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Birthday Gift Baskets

Whenever you are having a difficult time thinking of a suitable Birthday Gift for a friend, family member or someone special, Fresh Fruit Hampers are always a smart choice, as they are the perfect expression of birthday sentiment. Birthday Gift baskets are also an excellent way to show your thoughtfulness and unleash your creative flair.

Friday, March 13, 2015

PRESS RELEASE - igift Fruit Hampers Launches Online Gift Hampers Service



Contact: Maria Taverner                                                     

Telephone: 0402 270 829


igift Fruit Hampers Launches Online
Gift Hampers Service

New website makes fresh fruit gifts in beautifully-packaged hampers available to be shipped throughout Australia

SYDNEY – March 2015 – igift Fruit Hampers is delighted to announce the launch of a new website making its delicious fresh fruit gifts available through exquisite gift hampers.
The website,, provides dozens of healthy and exotic options that provide gifts for all occasions.

The fruit hampers are sent in a unique wooden timber box with a sliding lid, packed with premium fresh fruit handpicked directly at the market and can be delivered to Melbourne and all of Victoria; Sydney and all of New South Wales; Brisbane/Gold Coast and all of Queensland; Canberra, and all of the Australian Capital Territory.

igift Fruit Hampers says their service is not only ideal for Australian residents but also people overseas who want to send gifts to family and friends in Australia.

Company founder Maria Taverner, who has over 15 years of experience in the
E-commerce industry, said, “I’m extending my current online businesses with the vision of creating the best fruit gift hamper service in the country. It’s immensely satisfying to send beautiful handmade gift hampers to people who are in hospital or nursing homes and for general celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas and job promotions. My aim is to become the number one online fruit gift delivery service in Australia. Having fruit for gifts is a healthy choice.”

Added Taverner, “We source all our fruit direct from quality assured growers around the country and every fruit hamper is put together with pride and passion by our team. They are trained to present fruit perfection in a hamper box. We are dedicated to providing the best quality products and the highest quality service.”

fruit gifts for all occasions

igift Fruit Hampers offers an assortment of exquisite sun-ripened apples, pears, oranges, mango, cherries and other seasonal fruits and goodies that have widespread appeal and are presented in beautiful packaging.

The company also says that you can “spice up” your gift hamper by selecting items from its extensive range of chocolate, teddies, alcohol and silk flowers. Gourmet gift baskets, gift boxes and gift hampers are an igift Fruit Hampers specialty, with specialist wine gift hampers, champagne, and gourmet gift selections tailored for the individual tastes of men, women and children. The company also provides customised Christmas gifts, corporate gifts and branded promotional products.

Said Taverner, “We expertly tailor fruit baskets and fruit hampers to a company’s particular business clientele or brand requirements. If someone is not sure what to choose, we have plenty of great ideas. No matter where you want to send a fruit gift or what kind of budget you have—we can help. We supply fruit for gifts for any occasion sending them across Australia and offer free shipping on all our hampers. We like to say give the gift of fruit, and show them how much you care!”

Sydney-based igift Fruit Hampers offers overnight delivery to many parts of the country while Sydney metro customers can also enjoy the convenience of ‘same day’ gift delivery.

Operating directly out of Sydney’s Flemington Market, fresh fruit gifts are delivered to offices, households, schools, shops, hotels and restaurants.

For more information about fruit baskets and fruit hampers and all of the company’s offerings please visit:


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Benefits of Fresh Fruit Hampers

Fresh Fruit Hampers are a great way to thank someone for their work, bid them farewell, or simply show a sign of gratitude to anyone who has done you well and is deserving of a reward. While fruit might not seem like the greatest gift idea immediately, think of the benefits.

Premium Fruit Hamper Service

Blessings containing blossoms and organic product are constantly welcome and Regency Hampers offers you so much decision including extravagant customary outing hampers of fine wine, sustenance and blooms and in addition delightful wicker bushel containing fantastic and colorful new organic product. igiftfruitHAMPERS is a master hamper business, giving premium natural product blessing hampers as a perfect corporate or individual blessing. igiftfruitHAMPERS is Australia's chief office organic product conveyance administration, giving natural product to organizations as a solid different option for customary tearoom snacks.

Make someone feel extra special! A fresh fruit delivery is suitable for any occasion all throughout the year and our igiftfruitHAMPERS are guaranteed to impress your lucky recipient. Send one of our fruit baskets as a birthday gift, farewell gift, congratulations gift, get well gift or a new baby gift. An igiftfruitHAMPERS fruit box is also the perfect corporate gift! You can be assured and guaranteed that each fruit hamper is carefully hand crafted to create quality gourmet gifts that are sure to impress your business partners and clients as well as your staff.

We pack your fruit basket according to your choices and send it with Fast way Courier Service to your delivery destination.  Your fruit hamper is shipped overnight and arrives in pristine condition. Fruit works as a natural and healthy recovery aid for mum and bob and is just the antidote to all the shiny plastic and accessories the new parents will be bombarded with. igiftfruitHAMPERS offer a selection of beautifully presented fruit hampers presented in either a striking cardboard hamper carton or our distinctive timber fruit boxes. We source the finest fruit daily from the local wholesale markets in each city, including a wide selection of seasonal and exotic fruits. Our fruits are carefully selected and presented to provide an eye-catching impression and a great alternative to traditional hampers.

Our business has been built around clever buying, excellent quality control standards, and smart systems and technology. However, the most important ingredient to our success is our determination to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Look no further, we've got just what you need! Why not go the extra mile and choose from our premium fruit boxes accompanied by a delicious bottle of wine. We have been making fruit baskets from the very beginning, delighting our local customers with the quality of both our produce and the innovative wrapping that makes each basket a special gift. Now it seems that word has got out, and the customers from ever further afield are asking us to deliver our fruit baskets to their door.

We are powered by a team of noted food experts who search for the best and newest food products from around the globe. To make your journey through this gourmet destination even more mouthwatering, our uniquely knowledgeable and passionate staff will answer any questions you have, and can help you put together a gift hampers or an expertly selected cheese or meat platter for your special occasion.

These fresh fruit and floral hampers are colorful and luxurious gifts that help reward achievements celebrate occasions and recognize key events in people’s lives. They are also an excellent way of saying ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you’. For more information visit the site .

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fruit Hampers Sydney

Fruit Hampers and Gift Baskets for Sydney

I Gift Fruit Hampers Delivers across Sydney and NSW

We provide Free Shipping throughout Sydney's CBD, NSW and country NSW. We deliver to the Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and to all NSW regional areas.

Unlike other fruit companies we don't charge for shipping so you wont get any hidden surprised during checkout! For a fruit gift they won't forget view our range online.

Fruit Hampers Sydney

Monday, March 9, 2015

Easter Hampers

Give a fruit hamper gift for Easter with a beautiful selection of Easter Hampers to choose.

Fruit hampers are the perfect gift for friends, family and acquaintances for Easter. Add something extra from our spice up your hamper section. We have a selection of wines, champagne, chocolate and silk flowers available.

Easter Fruit Hampers

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Christmas Fruits Baskets

Gift Hampers Australia makes healthy and unique Christmas baskets, filled with delicious fresh fruit. Delicious fruit arrangements and fresh fruit arrangements.  Meet your family on Christmas with our Christmas delicious fruit arrangements to someone unique. We offer unique fruits and veggies pineapples, celery, melon, grapes, blackberry and strawberries dipped.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Wide Range of Fruit Gifts Hampers

Showing blessing to somebody demonstrates the adoration, fitting consideration and enthusiasm one has for the single person. It is an approach to welcome somebody. It is an approach to express profound gratitude, or be a part of in the delight of single person. People don't find any mistaken assumptions in considering in the event that they need to existing something to somebody or not yet the misconceptions comes when they need to pick what ought to be that something to existing to somebody.

Everyone wants to exist something that is value and is valued by the individual. Their aim, while choosing an existing, is always to stimulate the individual and to see a grin on experience. The other factor that individuals consider is that the existing should be realistic and cost-effective simultaneously. When we existing a factor to others, we want them to use it. 

If the factor is not of their use, then what is the feeling in providing such a gift! Now times, there are a lot many choices of presents are available. One of the most perfect and realistic existing is business clean fruit holders. These holders contain clean and healthier clean fruits. These are cost-effective as well and look like the one has invested more cash than he/she has actually invested. Such a cost-effective gourmet existing holders results in an effect on others.

There are individuals who really cannot afford buying expensive presents and items so the solution for them is clean fruit container presents that contain clean fruits and vegetables such as acid holders and business clean fruit holders. When individuals present these gourmet present holders or the present of clean, delicious, healthier acid to their loved ones, members of the family or friends, they actually delight them and make them happy.

Igift FRUIT HAMPERS provides a range of fruit hampers and fruit baskets delivered across Australia, including same day delivery for some areas. We offer free shipping on all our fruit gifts so no surprises at checkout with an expensive shipping charge. A fruity alternative to traditional blossoms & gift baskets, our fruits slowly down range contains great presents for women, men & children.

Effects Sydney provides present hampers & gourmet present holders across Sydney. Our Fruit Hampers Sydney Gifts are designed for promotional products and individuals. Our wide variety is perfect for all events including Birthday Gifts, Get Well Effects, Valentine’s Day Gifts, and Mother’s Day Gifts.  Engagement Gift Effects and Containers, Anniversary Gift Effects and Containers, Thank you Gift Effects and Containers. Father’s Day Gift Containers, Baby Gift Containers, Xmas Gift Effects and Xmas gourmet present holders. We offer a comprehensive Corporate Gift selection for businesses wishing to provide Customer Gifts, Staff Gifts and Xmas Gifts for their consumers.

We have a range of Fruit Only Presents, chocolate gifts, fruits effects with wine, sparkling wine or mood and artificial flowers can be added to any of the gifts. The fruits effects are delivered in a hand crafted wood made wood box with a moving lid, a beautiful souvenir. Give the Gift of Fruit and let them know how much you care. For more information visit the site .